Bike Fitting:

Proper positioning on a bicycle can eliminate almost all of the pain associated with riding. While longer rides will always take some toll on your muscles, riding a bike should not be a painful activity. Analyzing the way you sit on the bike and correcting an improper position will improve your comfort and increase your effciency and power. Riding a bicycle properly fitted by us will also help you alot.

Our methode:

1. We take the measur of your body and transfer the data's to our calculator. (We developed that calculator together with the manufacturer of the measuring station). This way we get all relevant information to adjust your bike for the best riding postion.
We will then provide you with all relevant information which we transfer to your bike.


2. Based on these datas we calculate your theoretical best riding position on your bike.



3. We adjust your bike according to our calculations, if necessary, we change parts.

4. On our indoor trainer we test the settings.


Bike Fitting Preise:

  • Zürich: Sfr. 119.-
  • Rheinfelden (D): € 99.-
  • New parts and work are not icluded

*The bike fitting you get free if you buy bike with us.

Here PDF download to get workshop prices